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1 DAY Refinishing & Restoration Marketing Case Study

Digital Marketing For Restoration & Floor Refinishing Businesses

1 DAY REFINISHING Company was founded by a team of ex floor refinishers. They knew everything about the flooring and restoration, but didn’t know how to promote and advertise the company. During the first year of running the business, they tried it all – direct sales, local directories, TV and Radio Ads. They were getting some customers’ requests, but certainly not enough to keep the crew busy. Fortunately, they didn’t quit. CRAFTSTRONG Digital Marketing Agency was the first firm they contacted, so we had an opportunity to set a proper marketing strategy for them from scratch. We started with Branding, Website Development and Paid Search Marketing campaign. And all our mutual hard word definitely paid off. See our Client’s Successful Story below:

Services Provided

MARKETING STRATEGY. Successful Marketing Strategy combines traditional & online marketing. Based on the budget and company goals, we developed a solid roadmap and KPIs to track the progress.

REBRANDING & WEB DESIGN. We helped the Company build a trustful brand and market recognition. We built a responsive speed-optimized secure website, landing pages and conversion tools.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. On-site and off-site SEO has helped increase 1 DAY REFINISHING website performance. We believe that SEO is the best long term solution for any business. It provides a business with free organic leads and the highest conversion ratio.

SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING. Paid ads or Pay Per Click Marketing is the most efficient marketing channel which also delivers the fastest results. It allowed us to estimate and set a certain cost per lead and maximum amount of leads per month.

Results Delivered

CLEAR STRATEGY. After a full marketing research, we narrowed all marketing channels down to a few which were capable of providing a sufficient amount of leads, then set a cost per lead and quality of leads (Demographics, Locations, Interested etc).

TRUSTED BRAND. 1 DAY REFINISHING with a trusted and recognizable brand name can now charge more for similar services/products comparing to other no-name subcontractors.

100+ LEADS PER MONTHA consistent flow of sale qualified leads allows any business to plan for the future and focus on scaling up. It has allowed 1 DAY REFINISHING to get their crews busy with work and double their sales within 1 year.

SAVINGS. The Company was spending thousands of dollars on traditional marketing. Moreover, they couldn’t even measure which channels were actually working. We changed it completely.

MARKETING AUTOMATION & REPORTSAll our services are closely monitored through KPIs and Metrics which makes our work highly transparent for our clients.

Paid Leads Generations



100+ Leads per Month Delivered via Paid Marketing (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads)

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Paid Marketing or Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is the most efficient online marketing channel. It is fully measurable, trackable and provides incredible targeting options. PPC delivers fast results for new leads generation. PPC Marketing can be used with any budget and for any industry. Main PPC Marketing Platforms – Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. Craftstrong® Marketing Agency PPC experts are fully certified to deliver results in all major industries.  


Organic Traffic (SEO)

Google, Bing, Yahoo have paid search ads (top of the page) and Free / Organic search results section. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a Strategy and  Set of Tactics which can bring your website up there and provide you with a flow of free requests. With a proper strategy in place, SEO will provide the highest Marketing ROI. But SEO Competition is super high, and most of the websites can never make it to the first page results. Craftstrong® SEO Experts always recommend to start with PPC Marketing first and then reinvest earnings into SEO campaign.



Organic Leads is the most valuable asset of any website.

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Leads Generation and Pay Per Click Management that delivers solid results

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Certified Bing & Facebook, Google Adwords Pay Per Click Management Services

Google Ads Pay Per Click

Google Ads is the most powerful paid search marking channel on internet

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Facebook Advertisement is the most powerful social media marketing in the world

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Any Paid Search Marketing

Marketing via Paid Search Platforms: Google, Bing, Yahoo & AOL

No Contract / No Risk

No Risk, No Hidden Fees. We work on a month-to-month basis

Monthly Reports

Detailed monthly reports on leads, conversions and performance

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Industry Expertise

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