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BC RENOS Marketing Case Study

Digital Marketing For Construction & Renovation Businesses

BC RENOS is a high-end renovation company. Prior to launching a digital marketing campaign, the company sales solely depended on architects and designers as they were the main source of work orders. Their first experience with another marketing agency turned out to be quite painful and costly. BC RENOS was spending thousands of dollars per month and was not happy with the results at all (very low quality leads). The owner of the company was also very frustrated with the monthly marketing reporting system. While reports were showing highly successful marketing results (increase in impressions, growth in Click-Through-Rate and Click-View-Rate, Impression Shares and etc), the company was barely getting any quality leads. Our Team received a request from BC RENOS for a Free Marketing Audit in December of 2017. We listed all existing issues and got down to work immediately. Please see the results below:

Services Provided

MARKETING STRATEGY. Successful Marketing Strategy combines traditional and online marketing. Based on the budget and company goals, we developed a solid roadmap and KPIs to track the progress.

SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING. Paid ads or PPC Management Marketing is the most efficient marketing channel which also delivers the fastest results. It allowed us to estimate and set a certain cost per lead and maximum amount of leads per month.

SOFTWARE INTEGRATION. Callrail Call tracking and recording software was installed and integrated with the website to measure the quantity and quality of calls. We also moved a website from shared hosting to dedicated WordPress Hosting to provide higher security and increase the speed performance.

Results Delivered

SAVINGS. The company was spending over $10k per month on Paid Search Advertisement (PPC) with an average cost per lead at $380. The company also wasn’t satisfied with the quality of those leads. After our analysis and calculations, we figured out that the company needed between 8 to 12 good quality Sale Qualified Leads with sales ticket totalling $200K+. Craftstrong® PPC Experts were able to rebuild the entire paid ads campaign and as a result delivered between 9 to 13 sales qualified leads per month at cost 3 times lower than it used to be.

CLEAR STRATEGY. Within 3 months Craftstrong® was able to deliver great results in quantity and quality of leads with the budget of less than $2,000 per month.  Knowing our Client’s goals, our Team created a clear marketing plan with a solid target for number of leads and sales amount.

Paid Leads Generations



10+ Highest Quality Leads for Custom Home Renovations per Month Delivered via Google Adwords alone

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Paid Marketing or Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is the most efficient online marketing channel. It is fully measurable, trackable and provides incredible targeting options. PPC delivers fast results for new leads generation. PPC Marketing can be used with any budget and for any industry. Main PPC Marketing Platforms – Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. Craftstrong® Marketing Agency PPC experts are fully certified to deliver results in all major industries.  

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